Big Changes

Hi all!  I know, I know.  I have blogged in a VERY long time.  But I’m back! 🙂  Miss me?

Guess what… now we have two new additions to our family…  A sweet black kitty and….








can you guess?





A baby.  Yep.. I now have FIVE kids.  🙂  Baby girl is a sweetie.  Almost 9 months old and looks a LOT like her daddy. ❤


So There’s MY big news…

How about you?  What’s been up in the two years I’ve been gone?


“I’m Fair” NOT

After having my kids last week where my daughter was excitedly planning her upcoming birthday party, (it was going to be a sleepover on Valentine’s Day and she was soooo excited about it), I have the following conversation with my ex after an already exceedingly crappy day:

Him: So… how can you have both kids birthday parties? That isn’t fair at all.

Me: Because they want them here.  You can have one for them too.

Him: Yeah, a sleepover for her friends. That’s the plan.

Me: Like its fair that I won’t have either kid for Tday ever. Or tat I don’t get to use either one on taxes. Yep… fair.

Him: You can have his party, I’ll have hers. I pay their healthcare and that’s more than an exemption on taxes – sidenote. it’s not…  they’re like 7000 for a write off for him… healthcare um… 3600 a year and he gets to use that as a write off also

Him: And you have J’s two kids as well for exemptions

Me: No I don’t. He fairly divided with HIS ex. One each AND we’re filing separately, so no I don’t.

Him: I really tried to be as fair as I could! I promise!

Me: Okay. Whatever. Conversation is over

Him: 😦

Me (About 10 minutes later): You cut my pay, you refuse to pay me what you owe me, you made me pay half of the business taxes which I’m not responsible for, but you don’t bat an eye loaning your friend money (10k).  You are not fair.

Him: I will write you your check this week.  I never intended to delay that.  I’m sorry


Yeah… we’ll that conversation happened on Monday…  He still hasn’t signed any checks for the office (yes, I still work for the him).  I’m not holding my breathe that I’ll get a check from him this week either.  And yes, he had full intentions of delaying payment to me.  He’s gotten angry with me for not collecting monies from companies that owe us and stated that that’s where his money to pay me was going to come from, even though I know full and well that he has the money to pay me. So… I don’t know how to actually TRUST that.

Oh yea… I can’t…

Oh well…  Nothing I can do, but bide my time and get papers ready to file for contempt of court case.




Wow… a lot has changed in a year. I guess I should say Hi! and let you all know that I am now very very happily married. Never knew I would love my life as much as I do now. Just need to get out of the job I absolutely despise.

I stopped going to school right now because of it. I mean really, where am I going to find time to work from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm every other week and to 9 pm on the opposite week with weekends also, raise four kids, keep house, laundry (which, I do have help on) and go to school “full time” which consisted of two classes with a day full of reading, posting discussions online, answering said discussions and turning in a big paper at the end of the week with a HUGE portfolio at the end of it all. I really do like sleep you know. The classes brought me to tears daily.

So now, I will try and keep you all a little more up to date in my life.

Oh… and the ex has had Arkansas girl move in and guess what… she has issues with the girl that ruined our marriage also… what do you know.

Wow…. sorry for the silence

I guess sometimes silence can be golden.  

I’m doing great.  “J” is doing great.  We’re doing awesome together.   We’re both just caught up in lives and work and school and kids that my blogging came to a stop.  Sorry about that.

Truthfully, I never thought I’d find that one person out there.  That one special person that seems to complete you.  I can finish his sentences (which is weird) he can finish my thought process (which again is weird).  I just never thought that it was possible. 

I was wrong.

But now we have one problem.  His son…  How do we get him to care enough about himself to care how he does in school?   He has just given up.  Both his father and I see that he has the potential.  He just doesn’t have that drive.  Any confrontation and he rolls up like an armadillo and hides.  I am just wondering does anyone have any ideas?